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Overview of Shawna's 6-week MasterClass

You experienced the 45-minute webinar, and you (hopefully!) bought the book. Now, it’s time for a deep dive to make sure you squeeze out every bit of strategy possible, to capitalize on the era of buyer evolution!  

I know you’re pressed for time, and you’ve got all sorts of priorities vying for your focus. When do YOU get to make YOUR professional growth a priority on YOUR terms? This isn’t some corporate-mandated sales training you’ve been through before. This is six weeks of Shawna (that’s me!) giving you gentle nudges, delivering an occasional swift kick-in-the-butt if you need it, and ushering you step-by-step through assignments that WILL MAKE YOU MORE SUCCESSFUL. PERIOD.  

Each week, we’ll focus on a deep dive into a new aspect of your brand, your strategy, and your sales arsenal.  

Six weeks from now, if you don’t do this, will you be better off? Six weeks from now, if you join me, imagine how much more successful you’ll be, with less stress, less effort, and more freedom. Your new materials will practically sell themselves. Your new approach will turn customers into raving fans AND sales ambassadors.  

So SIGN UP, JOIN ME, AND GRAB HOLD of your sales future.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is this course designed for? This course is for anyone in B2B sales who’s been around long enough to know that the market is changing, and what used to work isn’t cutting it anymore. If you’re new to sales, don’t worry, there’s plenty of great content for you as well – and you have the benefit of fewer bad sales processes to UN-learn! If you’re an entrepreneur who hates to sell, this course has great stuff for you. If you’re tired of cold calling and being ignored, or competing solely on price, or feeling like you’re on the clock 24/7, then this course is for you. If you want the whole prospecting process to be easier, then this course is for you.  

2. What if I can’t make it one week or more? Don’t worry! It’s a busy time of year, but I didn’t want to wait for a slower time to share all this information with you. That’s why I’ll be sure and record all the sessions for you to watch when you have time. If you miss one, catch up at your leisure.  

3. How long do I have access to the course recordings? You’ll have access for a full 90 days (six weeks after the course ends). So don't worry if you fall behind because of vacation or work commitments.

4. Can I share the courses with a friend or colleague? Well, that would be unethical, and I hope you won’t do that. I believe the value of what I’m delivering is far greater than what I’m charging, so I trust every participant to pay their full share for me to be able to continue doing what I do!  

5. How much homework is there? I’ll assign one or two assignments per week that go along with the goal or focus of that course. The workload depends on how outdated you believe your existing materials to be, or if they don’t exist at all (for example, if you just started a company). Don’t worry, you should be able to manage the homework with no trouble after I go through each course and explain it all.  

6. What’s your money-back guarantee? If you’ve participated in all the courses (live or recorded), and can show me you’ve done all the work, and you believe there’s no value, I will give you a full refund. I need you to be as fully engaged in this course as possible, so you get the value you deserve!  

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